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Our vision is to provide cutting edge, accurate & world class assistance to our clients in a cost effective, professional and standardized manner!


Clearline Consulting was established in 2009 and is a 100% black-owned and operated (Level 1:135% BBEEE Status)

Clearline Consulting distinguishes itself in the industry by being at the cutting edge of changes and progressions within the Customs Compliance and Trade Compliance sphere. This makes us an industry leader in providing you with Customs Compliance solutions that are smart yet simple.

Our collective experience in Customs Compliance and International Trade spans over a period of five decades involving both private and public sector collaboration.We have a seasoned team of professionals that remain committed, reliable and accessible. Our network of reach includes access to all vital role players in the supply chain guaranteeing rapid responses to your queries or questions. We have a philosophy of professionalism and dedication to our assignments which have unpinned our business. Client relationship management is paramount to our success as this ensures that our clients’ matters are conducted with a high degree of precision and energy.

We are proud to announce that Clearline Consulting is a fully TETA accredited Training Provider offering high caliber Customs Compliance & Trade Compliance training to the Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearing & related industries. (TETA Accredited Training Provider: TETA 16-806)


  • Full Trade Compliance Outsourcing & Curatorship services.
  • Comprehensive Trade Compliance & Customs Compliance Audits
  • Duty Reduction Assessments 
  • Full Trade Compliance SOP Review, Design & Implementation
  • Duty Drawbacks & Refunds (OEM Automotive & Industrial)
  • TETA Accredited Trade & Customs Compliance Skills Development & Training (TETA:16-806)
  • Comprehensive Registration, Licensing & Accreditation Applications (SARS, ITAC, NRCS and most OGA’s)
  • Tariff/Valuation/Origin Determination Applications
  • HS Code Classification
  • All Customs related representations with SARS


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We offer:

    • High-quality courses and training material
    • TETA accredited Facilitators who are leading professionals in the industry
    • Courses available via eLearning (, Virtual Classrooms via ZOOM or FACE2FACE
    • Exciting & High Energy Classroom Environment (JHB/CTN/DBN/PEZ/EL)

Aligned to NQF Level 3 Credits 12

Module 1: Understanding Export Logistics

Module 2: Understanding Import Logistics
Module 3:
Transport Modes
Module 4: Packaging & Packing
Module 5: Clearing & Forwarding Agents
Module 6: Documentation
Module 7: Harmonized Tariff Codes
Module 8: Risk Assessment & Payment Instruments

Duration: 2 Days (09:00 – 16:00)

Aligned to NQF Level 3 Credits 8

Module1: Customs Control Act & Duty Act
Module 2:
Tariff Classification
Module 3:
Customs Procedure Category Codes
Module 4: Custom Valuation
Module 5: Calculation of Duties
Module 6: Trade Agreements & Rules of Origin
Module 7: Customs Control Areas
Module 8:
Reporting of Conveyances & Goods

Duration: 2 Days (09:00 – 16:00)


Aligned to NQF Level 4 Credits 12

Module 1: Introduction to Warehousing
Module 2:
Warehousing Types
Module 3: Warehousing Plan, Design and Layouts
Module 4: Warehousing Functions
Module 5:
Order Processing
Module 6: Inventory & Stock Management
Module 7: Packaging
Module 8: Transport
Module 9: Compliance Plan

Duration:2 Days (09:00 – 16:00)

Aligned to NQF Level 3, Credits 27

Module1: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Module 2: Introduction to Bond Stores
Module 3: Customs Legislation
Module 2:
Tariff Classification
Module 3: Customs Tariffs
Module 4:
Custom Values
Module 5: Calculation of Duties
Module 6: Completing a SAD 500 Customs Declaration
Module 7:

Duration: 2 Days (09:00 – 16:00)

Module 1: Customs and Excise Act/Customs Control & Duty Acts Chapters, Schedules, Important Sections
Module 2: Trade Agreements & Rules of Origin
AGOA, EFTA, MECOSUR, EU & SADC trade agreements, Rules of Origin
Module 3: AfCFTA and its Implications

Module 1:
• Customs and Excise Act/Customs Control & Duty Acts
• Trade Agreements Opportunities
• 3rd & 4th Schedule Rebates
• Rebates, Refunds & Drawbacks Opportunities
• Excise & Fuel Refunds, Environmental Levies
• Other Governemnt Agencies Incentive
DTIC, APDP SAAMP 8 Core Focus Areas for the RSA automotive industry

Module 2: Supply Chain Management Versus Trade Compliance
• Types of Supply Chains and how these are managed
• How to leverage Trade Compliance to optimise your Value Chain

Module 3: Government Incentives
• In this module we will fully explore all the available government incentives that aid in duty reduction and cost saving.
• These includes various duty & tax saving shelters which allows for the importer to legally reduce landed and delivered cost.
• Delegates will be shown how to apply for and operationalise these duty and tax reduction instruments

  • (All courses include detailed training material, post course support, great conference venues)


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